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When we purchase a lot in The Outlaw at Alto Golf Estates, is any kind of golf membership included?

Yes, when you purchase a lot in The Outlaw subdivision, your purchase price will include a full membership to Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club, including all their amenities such as its club house facility, restaurant, swimming, tennis, pickleball, card and game rooms, workout facilities and two 18-hole golf courses.

How much are the dues for my membership to ALG&CC? 

Dues are $2500 per year plus $300 per month in required expenditures

Is there a property owners association for The Outlaw? Is it part of the ALG&CC association? How much are the dues?

The Outlaw subdivision is separate from Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club. It has its own Covenants, By-Laws, and Architectural Guidelines. A home-owners association is not currently in place but will be soon. 

Where does The Outlaw get its water?

The Outlaw is provided with high-quality water by the Lincoln Hills Water Co-Op. The property has three wells; two of which supply the Cooperative for drinking water and one of which supplies irrigation water for the golf course.

What about the danger of fire? What has been done to help prevent fire?

We have thinned almost 90 acres of heavily forested acreage with the help of a grant from the State and Federal Forest Service and employ a crew to continually trim trees and remove deadfall. 

Who can use my membership? Can my children and grandchildren visit and use the facilities?

A guest may use those facilities to which the sponsor’s membership is entitled. Please refer to the Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club website for details.

What is the risk that the golf course will be closed when we want to play?

Currently, with 2 courses, one or the other will be open every day of the week, weather permitting.

How big are the lots?

All the lots are over 1 acre and there are some as large as 4 acres. You can view our Plat Map for size and pricing details of available lots.

What utilities are available to the lots?

In ground utilities including gas, electric, water, phone & internet are running at the front of every lot.

If I buy two lots side-by-side to build one home, do I have to pay dues for two memberships?

Yes, you would if you do not choose to re-plat the two lots into one. Re-platting is a common practice

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